Starpac has always believed in the mantra of Kaizen i.e. continuous improvement

Company History

Starpac India Limited started in 1996 is a prominent packaging machines manufacturer, headquartered in Chennai, India. Starpac have over the years been a great asset to the packaging needs of many companies across different parts of the World.

1300 Installations

Starpac have around 1300 installations across and have machines made for several packaging applications. The company has been a trusted name in providing packaging solutions to the industry and have earned great reputation in making tailor made machines.

Worldwide Customers

Apart from India our machines have found good acceptance in Europe, Malaysia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya. We cater to a gamut of industries like Food, Pharma, Personal Care, Home care, Engineering etc.

Heavy Investment on Research and Development

The company spends a large amount of its revenues on R&D and has a manufacturing facility in Chennai that can produce machines with high accuracy, quality and with unmatched performance. Service support is the hallmark of Starpac’s efforts in trying to be a renowned name in the Industry. With Sales and Service teams across all the regions, Starpac’s endeavour is to be close to its customers.