Double chamber Automatic Cup-Tray-Tub Fill and Seal

Double chamber Automatic Cup-Tray-Tub Fill and Seal with vacuum and modified atmosphere functions Modular machine with optional forming unit of trays

Manufactured with technical know-how from MP-Tech Italy

Salient Features

  • Equipped with loading and unloading belt for product.
  • This is a fully automatic modular machine with vacuum and modified atmosphere functions.
  • When combined with the modular tray forming unit, it becomes a form fill and seal machine.
  • This machine offers the flexibility of operating it as a fill and seal or a form fill and seal one.
  • Extremely compact and reliable.
  • Optional attachments can include labeling machine, collators, carton form and inserter and other custom built end of line units.
  • Double chamber for ideal for big production.
  • Large trays can also be accommodated in this machine.
  • This can also be custom built for very large food trays that can be used in institutional catering.

Technical Specifications

Attribute Specification
Structure SS304 Stainless Steel structure
Machine dimension 3000x1054x1700 (lbh in mm)
Vacuum pump 100m3
Control Panel PLC Siemens-Touch screen panel
Electricity 3 Phase-415V AC
Power 4/5KW
Compressed Air 6kg/cm2
Max.Film dimension 500mm
Sealing Area 400x300mm
Max.Height trays 150mm
Speed (Depending on the product) Sealing only 7-12spm and vacuum and gas 5-8 spm [actual numbre of individual cups or trays would depend on the number of cavities in the mould]
Weight 600KG