Multitrack Intermittent and Continuous Motion Baggers

Multitrack Intermittent and Continuous Motion Baggers

(For four, three side seal and stick packs)

MT: 600, MT:1200

MTD: 600, MTD:1200



Optional Attachments

  • PLC based operation
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Independent drive synchronized with PLC
  • IP 51 control panel
  • ISO Standards Wiring
  • cGMP & cGEP Standards
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Batch embossing option on vertical seal area
  • Excellent sealing mechanism to ensure hermetic leak proof seals
  • PID Temperature controllers
  • CE Certified drive
  • Photocell registration PLC based
  • Continuous rated
  • All contact parts are in SS 316
  • Powered reel hoist and lowering for MT 1000
  • Electronic web aligner
  • Lowest film path to reduce film wander
  • Curtain pack provision
  • Out feed Conveyer
  • Level Sensor
  • Hopper Feeder
  • Zipper Attachment Device
  • T-Notch device
  • Gas Filling unit
  • Static eliminator for dust free seal
  • Dust extractor
  • Collating and over bagging device
  • Header Formatting
  • Holographic hot foil stamping
  • Batch Embossing
  • Hole Punching Device (Round or Euro)
  • Collating device
  • Jacketed hopper system for hot filled products
  • Change pack for other pack types
  • Over bagging with HMDPE/PP/Polyolefin films as an option
  • Flow wrap integration
  • A Variety Batch coding option
Attribute Specification
Maximum web width 240/360/550/1000/1200 mm
Maximum roll diameter 350-500mm
Min and Max Sachet Length 40mm min/1200mm max (Other sizes can be custom designed)
Number of tracks possible upto 10 tracks in MT 1000
Speed 40-90 Stroke per min / per track (Depending upon product handling characteristics)
Supply Voltage 3ph.45v.50Hz
Air Pressure Required 6Kgs/cm2