Pick Fill and Seal and Horizontal Form Fill and Seal

Pick Fill and Seal and Horizontal Form Fill and Seal

Standup Pouch [Doy Pack] is a unique and flexible self-standing package, which can contain a variety of products, It can protect delicate foods, beverages and medicines from outside elements such as oxygen, ultraviolet rays, humidity, and bacteria. This type of pouch has been chosen by many companies as packaging for its advantages in preserving the products, ease of handling/transport, self standing capability and last but not the least for its variety of closure options.

Doy is ideal for a growing list of packaging applications – Food, Pharma, Cosmetics and Industrial. Many products become more “user friendly” when packaged in Doy style pack. In addition to Doy pack these machines can also handle other preformed pouches.

STARPAC’S PFS1 & 2 are primarily Pick, Fill and Seal machines with the provision for an optional add on module for forming the pouches on line; thus making it the first modular Form Fill and Seal machine for Doy in the world. These machines can be customized to handle many more variants of the same like zip lock, slider zip, spout, profile seal, flat bottom etc.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

  • Linear Pick Fill and Seal machines both in single and duplex formats
  • High-speed operation thanks to a servo driven indexing unit
  • PLC based with touch screen controls for ease of operation
  • Can be synchronized with our Powder, Liquid, Paste, Weigh or Custom built fillers/feeders
  • Can handle standup (Doy), three side seal, center seal or shaped pouches
  • PID based heater circuitry linked to PLC
  • Product settings menu on the PLC to facilitate very quick changeover
  • No pouch-No fill and No fill-No seal option available by default
  • Wash down frame structure with CIP provision
  • Very less moving parts compared to other Doy machines
  • Top stable unit for a quick changeover from one pack height to another with programmable base conveyor
  • CE certified electrical and electronic components
  • Host of diagnostic alarms built into the PLC program
  • Catering to all safety norms of CE
  • Optional attachments: Multi product filler, Pouch forming unit, Pick & place unit for filled pouches, Out-feed Turn table, Gas flushing unit, Batch embossing on seal, Inkjet printer, Contact Coder, Straw/Spoon dispenser.
Attribute Specification
Machine type Simplex or Duplex [PFS 1 or PFS2]
Max. pouch dimensions width 200mm x height 350mm
Speed 25-45ppm in PFS-1 and 50 100 ppm in PFS-2 [speed depends on the Product-pack dimensions-packaging materials and closures]
Electrical connected load 4.5kw without fillers [indicative as it would change with features and model chosen]
Air consumption 300ltrs/min [indicative as it would change with features and model chosen]
Noise level less than 70db
Machine dimensions 4000 x 1000 x 1320 [lbh in mm] without fillers