Rotary and Linear Jar,Cup,Can Fill and Close Machines

Rotary and Linear Jar, Cup, Can Fill and Close Machines

JFS 1 Rotary

JFS 2 Linear

Star Pac’s range of rigid packaging machines give total flexibility in selecting the right model for your products. These machines can be custom built to handle Glass bottles, Pet jars, Paper cans or any other rigid packaging. The rotary and linear indexing system offers further flexibility in choosing the right machine to suit the productivity needed. Uniquely designed puck carries the pack to each station precisely by virtue of a servo driven indexing mechanism. The puck system ensures handling of practically any shape of bottle/jars as they hold them from the in-feed right up to the discharge point. Depending on the complexity of the product to be filled, up to four fillers can be chosen to deliver the right measure. With custom-built panels, even down stream automation can be part of these machines

Salient Features

Technical Specification

  • Available in two formats [1. Eight Station Rotary indexing and 2. 16 Station Duplex Linear indexing machines]
  • Can handle almost all rigid packaging materials like Metal/Composite Cans, Plastic/Glass Jars/Bottles, Cups, Cartons etc.
  • Can be synchronized with our Powder, Liquid, Paste, Weigh or Custom built fillers/feeders
  • Optional attachments: Jacketed hopper, Gas filling unit, Leaflet feeder, Cap feeder, Cap tightening unit, Seaming machine, Shrink tunnel, Induction sealer, Labeling machine
  • Choice of closures like membrane sealing, cap, seaming of metal lid
    Machine construction of steel with stainless steel cladding, anodized aluminum and industrial polymers
  • The assembly parts are easy to disassemble and wash
  • Product settings menu on the PLC to facilitate very quick changeover
  • No pack-No fill and No fill-No close interlocks available by default
  • Wash down frame, CIP provisions [as an option]
  • PLC based with 5.7” touch screen controls
  • Host of diagnostic alarms built into the PLC program
  • Panel of IP51 construction
  • Features operator safety and diagnostic circuitry in PLC
  • CE certified electrical and electronic components
  • Can be linked to a PC with suitable attachments for data transfer and program downloads
  • Catering to all safety norms of CE
  • Can be synchronized to other automatic lines
  • Optional down stream automation units
Attribute Specification
Machine type Simplex Rotary [SPM] and Simplex/Duplex Linear [Models JFS1/JFS2]
Max. pouch dimensions 108mm dia and height of 300mm
Speed JFS1 50 cans/mt JFS2 [Linear Double Head]- 50-80 cans/mt [speed depends on the product-pack dimensions-packaging materials and closures Packaging materials and closures]
Electrical connected load 7.5kw without fillers [indicative as it would change with features and model chosen]
Air consumption 300ltrs/min [indicative as it would change with features and model chosen]
Noise level less than 70db
Machine dimensions 3500 x 1200 x 1900 [lbh in mm] without fillers